Premium LED Gloves - Starter Kit

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One night, your homie hands you a set of light up gloves to play with. You aren't sure why, but you can't take your eyes off them. The flashing strobes, the trails of light that streak the air; it's all so hypnotizing. Suddenly your hands have more power than you've ever felt.

You realize: There is so much more I can do with these lights. Don't worry, you're in the right place.

Power, creativity and affordability come together with our Rave LED Gloves. We recommend you practice your skills with these awesome Starter Gloves before upgrading to our Premium Glove Sets in the higher price ranges.

These Rave LED Gloves are bright enough to reach outer space! The light comes outfitted with an Ultrabright Clear LED bulb meaning this bad boy has a powerful focal point ensuring you the ultimate impact moves. Featuring the ability to add "blanks" to your color choices, you can create 3C, 2C and 1C color combinations, which means you can set up your colors exactly how you want them!

Key Features:

- Easy-to-use Speed and Tilt motion functions, plus the all new Flux Motion

- Custom designed default modes tailored to your gloving style

- 7 color palette with a variety of Flashing Pattern options

- Reinforced LED bulb connections

- Two batteries are included and are easily replaceable 

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